Newton’s Law

I was inattentive in Science class one day
When the teacher at random looked my way
I didn't look up, I wouldn't dare
There's no escaping that intense glare.

Asked me to explain to the class
Newton's Law of Gravity and mass
My mind was a blank, heartbeats louder
For an answer I started to flounder.

I stood before the class trembling with fear
"Gravity" I said...and then oh dear!!!
I fell off the stage on to the floor
How the class with laughter did roar.

The children tittered in great amusement
They didn't know my sad predicament
The teacher said, "You've demonstrated gravity"
"Although you did it with much levity".

At length I returned to my seat
With many applause did they greet
Now I look back upon this and ponder
I decide to listen and not let my mind wander.

Copyright © Nandita Das


When the stars aligned

Is life predestined? I ponder
Gazing up at the blue sky yonder
The alignment of stars in a certain way
Does favour and fortune our way sway?

Does Fate spin the thread of destiny?
Leo, Virgo, Scorpio or Gemini?
The constellation, the galaxy, the celestial sphere
Star gazing raptly with hope, awe and fear.

Heaven benignly smiles on the blessed few
Yet frowns on the rest. Unfair!! You argue
For Fate rages against this unfortunate lot
In a web of inevitability they are caught.

They toil and toil away in vain
Only to despair in sorrow and pain
Fighting their battles over and over again
Woe is life! Just to remain sane.

But oh for the favored lot, on luck they ride
Fate gently carries them across the tide.
What then befalls a person's lot
If against Fate he valiantly fought?

Fate, kismet, karma and kind
Astral influences on soul and mind?
Does Fate then our life destine?
To each an inevitable part assign?

Copyright © Nandita Das

Flow of Time

Like green leaves that turn yellow and wither away
Like buds that blossom and fade away
Like white clouds that turn sullen gray
Like lengthening shadows darken the day
The whirligig of time brings forth
Mysteries hidden in time's womb
The only certain destiny death
That stone cold tomb.
Like a flickering flame blown out by the wind
Life's breath is soon extinguished.
So we too shall pass away
And while on this journey we may
In this deepening gloom, shine a bright ray
Love, help, encourage, pray
A new beginning everyday.

Copyright © Nandita Das


Where the sun sets the sky aflame painting it vermilion gold
Where golden green grass glow in soft sunlight, oh behold
Where the stars like golden lamps light up the sky
Where at the beautiful  horizon earth meets with the sky
Where the first golden sun rays softly kiss the earth
Where the earth awakens from slumber in joyful mirth
Where bejeweled rays of moon cast its golden glow
Where cascading waters into clear, sparkling streams flow
Where gleaming sunlight through treetops cast magical spell
Where in the land of dreams my sweet thoughts dwell
Where wisps of soft white clouds gently sail past
Where softly floating they merge into dreams at last
Where from the seashore to the distance rolls golden sand
This India, my blessed,  beautiful motherland.

Copyright © Nandita Das



My heart craves for moments
To indulge my soul in bliss
Away from toils and cares of this world
To eternity and immeasurable peace.

My mind delves into depths of time
Seeking treasures sublime
Hold moments captive in memory's realms
Recollections like fragments of shattered dreams.

My soul weary sailing turbulent streams of life
Swirling in life's discord and strife
Longing for that bright day dawning
To merge with infinity yearning.

Copyright © Nandita Das

The mind is a universe

The mind is a universe of majestic splendour
The mind is an amazing, unfathomable wonder
The mind is a wondrous refuge, a perfect haven
The mind is a sanctuary, a gateway to heaven.

The mind is a boundless, priceless treasure
The mind is a source of infinite pleasure
The mind is an origin of thoughts and attitudes
The mind is a display of mercurial moods.

Now rising, now sailing, now soaring on wings
Now descending, now plunging into deep, dark ravines.

Copyright © Nandita Das




Oh! The magic of a new day dawning
Red sun peeping though veil of morning mist
Nature welcomes with joy a new morning
As earth rises from deep slumber sun-kissed
Creepers, vines, flowers of exotic hue
Sweet fragrances of blooms borne by the breeze
Sun painting the skies, a delightful view
Music of twittering birds, humming bees
Mine eyes drink in the beauty of nature
Cascading waterfalls merrily dance
Weaving dreamy spells my senses capture
Casting spells, sending me into a trance!
Feeling one with nature, makes one feel whole
This beauty of nature uplifts my soul.

Copyright © Nandita Das



Thoughts, images, impressions, musings
Churning, whirling, spinning, swirling
In the inner sanctum of the mind
Dwelling, screening, sheltering, nurturing

Thoughts, images, impressions, musings
Yearning for expression
Passions, emotions, sentiments, feelings
Aching, pining, craving, seeking

Thoughts, images, impressions, musings
On the canvas of the mind
Sprouting, budding, blooming, blossoming
Bursting in a riot of expressions.

Copyright © Nandita Das



These are a few poets I love and greatly adore
Just a short list, there are so many more
Wordsworth writes praising beautiful nature
You can't find many of Shakespeare's stature.

Tennyson's thoughts are poetry in motion
Milton's poetry captures our emotions.
Sylvia Plath"s confessions are truly heartfelt
Dickinson's poignant writes make our heart melt.

Ogden Nash is full of pun and humour
Ezra Pound's insanity is no rumour
Shelley's lyrics have a gentle flow
Tagore's song offerings make hearts glow.

Pope is popular for epigrams and verse
Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" is nonsense words.
Maya Angelou, a "Phenomenal Woman" 
Many of Poe's poems were inspired by women.

William Blake's intensely spiritual writes
In Keats poetry every heart delights
Dante's moral philosophy is a bit daunting
I must stop here, the list keeps mounting.

Copyright © Nandita Das

Fading Love

You gave me a magic walk in the rain
Those beautiful sunsets time and again
You gave me glimpses of your beautiful mind
Love that is gentle, tender, and kind.

The rainbow, the blossoms, sweet scented flowers
You gave me many sweetly passing hours.
Those enchantingly sweet, nostalgic nights
Ensconced in our world of sweet delights.

You gave me those memorable, delightful days
Showed me you care, in a thousand ways.
Lovely moments of divine bliss and rapture
Time's golden hours we can't recapture.

You left me heartbroken, in tears and in pain
I tried to forget, to move on but all in vain
Your goodbye so abrupt, so final, so brief
While I recall our past and pine away in grief.

Copyright © Nandita Das


Mother, Sweet Mother

Mother, why are you sad?
I see you wipe a tear
Mother, tell me, dear mother
Tell me what you fear.

I'll hold you in a tight embrace
And never let you go
I'll wash away your pain with my tears
Sweet mother, I love you so.

Mother, you gave me the sweetest love
Sweeter than life to me
Love sweeter than heaven above
Sweet mother, you gave to me 

Mother, to see you look so sad
My heart aches in pain
Mother look my tears are falling
Falling fast as rain.

You sheltered me from Life's storms
When the storms were raging
You are my anchor mother dear
Battles for me you were waging.

What's stolen your happiness?
Do tell me mother dear
Mother, my heart's breaking
Mother draw me close and near.

My heart's heavy with deep sorrow
Mother your pain breaks my heart
Sweet mother, I will always love you
Mother, as you did from the start.

I know father's gone to war
Mother, is that your sorrow?
Mother, I am always by your side
Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Mother, you don't speak a word
Your hands are cold as ice
Mother, wake up sweet mother dear
Just look into my eyes.

Look father's just back from war
Wake up sweet mother dear
Mother, you don't hear me, do you?
My heart's filled with fear.

Mother, my heart's filled with tears
Mother, can you feel my heart?
Sweet mother, I'll always love you
Mother, as you did from the start.

Copyright © Nandita Das

Immortal Soul

How did life begin?
Is there life after death?
Are we conscious within?
After we draw that last breath

Is there life after death?
When from this world we depart
After we draw that last breath
After the last beat of the heart

When from this world we depart
Where do all the dead go?
After the last beat of the heart
Perhaps we may never know

Where do all the dead go?
When they disappear out of sight
Perhaps we may never know
To lands distant and bright

When they disappear out of sight
Perhaps dwelling in eternal light
To lands distant and bright
The soul’s  journey,  in eternal flight

Perhaps dwelling in eternal light
Are we conscious within?
The soul’s journey , in eternal flight
How did life begin?

Copyright © Nandita Das



Fringed by lofty mountains
Pristine lakes serene
Silver sprays of fountains
Forests lush green

Pristine lakes serene
Bathed in moonlight glow
Forests lush green
where meandering rivers flow

Bathed in moonlight glow
Silver sprays of fountain
Where meandering rivers flow
Fringed by lofty mountains.

Copyright © Nandita Das

  Today I accomplished a great deal

Today I accomplished a great deal
All of which I will presently reveal
I had to get a great many things done
Well, I'll start on them one by one. 

First, with a glance I swept the room
Wishing a fairy came with her broom
Next I washed my hands off some responsibilities
Before I could fail and start to doubt my abilities

Then I  cleaned my mind and rid it of all its clutter
Felt my heart soar and like a butterfly flutter
Applied a whole bag of tricks to get work done
Getting someone else to do it for you is great fun

Worked my mind into a meditative trance
My soul singing and doing a joyful dance
Labored under illusions of penning a great work
Looking for my muse, thought I saw it lurk

I can't work so hard, ready to throw in the towel
I'd rather be writing a short story or a novel.
 How the day passed in the twinkle of an eye
Now I have to bid the day goodbye

The sweets of success I will now taste
For a single moment didn't go to waste
Now all these accomplished I feel a million bucks
Who says that all work and no play sucks?   

Copyright © Nandita Das 

     At The Planetarium

I gaze at the sun shining in all its splendor
The stars, the planets and all the grandeur
Golden blue fire shining luminous bright
Glorious to behold; a thrill of pure delight
Silver moon like a lantern hanging up high
Glittering gold stars embedded in deep blue sky
Shooting stars burning in amazing streaks of light
Oh! What a marvelous, breathtakingly beautiful sight
Into the depths of beauty's charm I am drawn
Indulging my senses in beauty, until the lights came on.

Copyright © Nandita Das 

Crossword Puzzle

I rush about in great haste
For I have little time to waste
No lingering long, no hesitation
Got to hurry along to the station.

Every morning I wake up late
Then off to the station, just can't wait
No time frittered in dressing up
No time either for that morning cup
 Just get out the door faster than light
I know I look quite a fright
Munch my breakfast on the way
Just saves me more time every day.
 For the window seat, there's quite a tussle.
To me, that's no hassle
I turn the pages with a rustle
Happily ensconced in my world of "Crossword Puzzle".
Copyright © Nandita Das  

Endless Noise

Father always complained
Of deafening, incessant noise
He often explained
He was resigned to this choice.
 Of bustling and jostling crowd
And of roaring traffic
He often grumbled aloud
Of abnormal demographics.
 Screaming vendors and hawkers
 Selling their wares
Bursting boisterous fire crackers
In public squares. 
Booming noise of rolling machines
Jangling his nerves
People packed like sardines
Tested strength of his inner reserves. 
Alas! Then father went deaf, completely
Silence, at last reigned absolutely.

Copyright © Nandita Das  


OWN GOAL (Limerick)

It was I who scored the winning goal

In victory, I played a major role

But it’s hell

Truth to tell

The other team won on that goal.

Copyright © Nandita Das



Gazing out the windows

    Landscapes flash past

    As in a picture book

    Nature beckons with

    Captivating charms

    Enthralled, I look…

Copyright © Nandita Das  


Why must Man, a rational being

With higher intellect and reasoning

Be subject to eventual mortality

And surrender to death’s inevitability?


Why must death befall

Upon Man who conquered all?

The highest mountains, the deepest seas

Famine, flood, cyclone, disease.


Why can’t this noble, admirable being

Escape death’s clutches fleeing

Why must Man embrace death at last

Forever become a part of the past?

Copyright © Nandita Das  



 My teenaged child

Speaks with shrugs

How I wish instead

It was done with hugs.


After my monologue or rant

Replies with a monosyllable

I sometimes start to doubt

Whether to speak, he’s able.


But my doubts soon disappear

When he is on the phone to a friend

An entire day may pass by

You can be sure this won’t end

 I decide henceforth

To speak to him on the phone

But when I do so

All I hear is a groan.

Copyright © Nandita Das  



Myriad blossoms dance pink, red and gold

Sweetly perfumed fragrance borne in by breeze

Heavenly gardens spellbound, I behold

Amidst restful, verdant green shady trees.

Red Rose, pink pansy, marigold yellow

Colorful carpets of blossoms I glance

Transcending moods in reflective mellow

Cloud bubbles in joyful abundance dance.

Lilting soft melodies sweetly drifting

Cherry blossoms blooming early in spring

Golden sands on sea -shore gently shifting

Bubbles of happiness within me sing.

Mesmerized, enthralled by nature’s splendor

Captivating us in awesome wonder.

Copyright © Nandita Das  




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