What Is This World Coming To?

What Is This World Coming To?

Why is everyone busy, in today’s world? Why this frantic pace, this mad race? What’s all the hustle and bustle about?  We hurry to the office hoping to reach on time, dash to meet deadlines, rush to meet an important client, race to catch the last flight. In our great haste, some of us don’t find the time for breakfast. Deluged with work, we skip lunch gulping down cups of tea trying to catch up with endless pending assignments. Preoccupied with files, data, graphs, reports… head buried in work. We have no time for family and friends, leave alone getting to know our neighbor. We are unable to get out of this race. We are zooming through life accelerating faster and faster. It’s like we are caught up in a wheel that’s spinning ever faster carrying us to dizzying heights, rapidly hurtling to uncertainty. Wait! Stop! Pause! Reflect! Why must our lives be so demanding? Why has everyone become so ambitious? Why this burning need to be a success at everything?  Why is it not acceptable in today’s world to be laid-back, relaxed and “not perfect”? Why is today’s world all about “My career’, “My goals”, “My ambition”, “My life”, even if that means treading on others and crushing their hopes and dreams? This world is now all about, “I, me, mine and myself”.  There is an intense focus on self. Not the internal self which ought to be about being compassionate, kind, loving and empathetic. Believe me, those virtues don’t exist in today’s world. They’re long dead; killed by our selfishness. What really matters is my next promotion, my pay packet, my vacation, my party pictures, my house, my car. All about one’s own self. A friend of mine, who I wished to meet for old times’ sake said she couldn’t meet up with me as she had no time to breathe. She had an office assignment deadline she had to meet. No time to breathe, indeed!  Now that’s what this world has come to. Pause and reflect. When was the last time you watched the beautiful silver moon gliding across the starlit sky or watched raindrops fall like pearls on green leaves?

We need to really step back and question our actions, ambitions, motives, our thoughts and goals. After this rushing about we are exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. We don’t find peace. Full of worries, troubles, anxiety and stress. We fall asleep tired and wake up exhausted. Not refreshed.  We are always distracted in this digital world, with millions of thoughts racing through our mind, unable to concentrate. Unable to wind down. Students are burdened with studies, parental pressure and expectations. Parents and peers, society pressurise children to succeed in exams at all costs. Consequently, children are stressed. Even though we have so many conveniences in today’s world like  we don’t have to trudge miles to reach the nearest school or Post office. We can shop from home, work from home. We have all services at our doorstep just by a click of the mouse. From information to every service. So where does all that time saved go?  Yet we don’t find the time to indulge ourselves in pursuing what is truly worthwhile. We yearn for solitude and peace in this hectic, chaotic life. We need to detox our body and mind. Read a book, paint, walk, enjoy the beauty of nature. Our body and mind will be refreshed. Practice kindness, compassion.  Starting now.  I am determined to practice regularly. This will make us better persons and make this a better world. Just take it easy. Be happy.


Here’s my poem  Heart, Mind & Soul

My heart craves for moments
To indulge my soul in bliss
Away from toils and cares of this world
To eternity and immeasurable peace.

My mind delves into depths of time
Seeking treasures sublime
Hold moments captive in memory's realms
Recollections like fragments of shattered dreams.

My soul weary sailing turbulent streams of life
Swirling in life's discord and strife
Longing for that bright day dawning
To merge with infinity yearning.