Do you believe in fate? Do you think events are pre-destined by God or some supernatural power? Is the future pre-destined?

What do you think?

I remember reading a gripping short story ‘The Fatalist‘ by Isaac Bashevis Singer, (winner of the Nobel prize for literature, in 1978.)

My poem on fate, ‘When The Stars Aligned’

 When the stars aligned

Is life predestined? I ponder
Gazing up at the blue sky yonder
The alignment of stars in a certain way
Do a favor and fortune our way sway? 

Does Fate spin the thread of destiny?
Leo, Virgo, Scorpio or Gemini?
The constellation, the galaxy, the celestial sphere
Star gazing raptly with hope, awe and fear.

 Heaven benignly smiles on the blessed few
Yet frowns on the rest. Unfair!! You argue
For Fate rages against this unfortunate lot
In a web of inevitability they are caught. 

They toil and toil away in vain
Only to despair in sorrow and pain
Fighting their battles over and over again
Woe is life! Just to remain sane. 

But oh for the favored lot, on luck they ride
Fate gently carries them across the tide.
What then befalls a person's lot
If against Fate he valiantly fought? 

Fate, kismet, karma and kind
Astral influences of soul and mind?
Does Fate then our life destine?
To each an inevitable part assign?



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